rød kjole inwear Spare time job

huangshan bus station Many international students choose to work while living in Denmark. 

hårmode 2016 kort The kind of student job you may find if you do not speak Danish will of course be limited to jobs not requiring Danish speaking skills. These typically include:

  • Cleaning
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Stocking shelves in a supermarket
  • Newspaper distribution companies.

blå boucle jacket If you have special skills, like computer programming for example, it may be easier to find a job. 

auvergne seværdigheder lac chambon Jobs can be found through lodning af metal the academys’ job- and internship portal, local newspaper ads (some local newspapers are free, for example 24timer, Aarhus Onsdag), through specialised agencies or through other students who already have a job or who have been in Aarhus for some time. 

lollo og bernie spies We do not recommend that you work more than 15 hours per week. 

Work permit

internet stik med to tilslutninger vagabond shoes white.


mantis lampe salg københavn Denmark has set a minimum wage of around 100 DKK (13 EUR) per hour, before tax. 

Get more information on expected living costs, currency and taxes

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