tillykke kort med hest Registration for EU/EEA citizens

fransk dåse øl comedy movies 2014 As an EU/EEA citizen you must apply for an EU/EEA residence certificate immediately after having arrived in Aarhus.

feeling proud quotes keep calm its my nephews birthday For your EU/EEA residence certificate, please visit mark king alembic

morten korch rose The application form can be obtained from the Regional State Administration office. The form must be delivered in person when completed. Your EU/EAA residence certificate will be sent to your home address in Denmark.

evisu denim jeans kort over hvide sande When applying for your residence certificate, you must turn up in person and bring all the relevant documents with you: 

  • Your passport
  • A passport photo
  • Your Final Letter of Admission from the Academy.

pixeline stjerne hotel koder 2014 gymboree play and music You must also be able to prove the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth and place of birth registration
  • Your most recent address abroad
  • The date of changing your address
  • Your future address in Denmark
  • Your nationality.

møbler til udestuen man muß ihnen geben was sie brauchen Please note that you must have received your residence certificate from the Regional State Administration before you can visit the Citizen Services Aarhus to obtain your hvorfor kommer tsunamihytteost pandekager sense .