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The national health insurance certificate

den lille tjeneste hvor ligger torvehallerne Everyone residing in Denmark has the right to public health insurance and hospital assistance. Students from the EU, EEA (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco, Quebec, and Macedonia who can document that they are or have been covered by the public health insurance in their home countries, are covered by the Danish health insurance as soon as they arrive in Denmark. 

justin bieber pierced ears jakke next 140 beige For your health insurance card, please visit lægernes laboratorium pilestræde

falkoner alle kvickly 90 94 You will have to choose a doctor, whose contact information will be inscribed on your card and whom you can visit or call if you experience health problems. 

lær at kode alinea hvide sande dk Your yellow Health Insurance Card will be posted to you, and should always be carried with you. 

problemstillinger til drikkevand villa park old stadium For students from other countries, however, there is a waiting period of six weeks after having registered at the National Registration Office. During this period you must pay for any medical treatment you need, so you are advised to take out a private health insurance for these six weeks. sigur ros anmeldelse

Liability insurance

harry selfridge børn As a supplement to your health insurance you are required to take out third-party liability insurance to cover personal injury, legal aid and damage to property. 

millionær i praktik Most travel insurance policies include third-party liability.

årgange i bordeaux If you are not covered by third-party liability insurance when you arrive in Denmark, you must take out liability insurance from a Danish insurance company.

pink poodle in a dogfight The local student adviser at your school will be able to inform you about Danish insurance companies.