genveje til mac Housing for full degree students

You must apply for housing as soon as you have decided to study in Aarhus – before you receive your admission letter.

erik af pommern Business Academy Aarhus is unfortunately not able to offer housing as we do not have any dormitories. However, you can apply for housing via Student Housing Aarhus, which administers residences for students across Aarhus.

How to apply for housing 

ponyer med bukser At queensland school holidays 2017 you will find instructions in English on how to apply for a room, as well as a list of dormitories. These are listed according to town areas and room types (single, couple, couple with children).

panda desiigner lyrics You should apply long before you get to Aarhus - the demand is extremely high and the number of places is limited. The waiting times are also usually long, but most students are able to find housing through Student Housing Aarhus if they apply early enough. You can apply up to 6 months before study start.

jacqueline de yong Please note that your application has to be renewed each month.

Housing guarantee 

gisele bundchen baby All new international students, moving to Aarhus, are guaranteed housing. 

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Hear students tell about different housing opportunities

About dormitories

kighoste på engelsk hvorfor tager man stoffer

Other long-term housing

moms tilbage fra skat There is also a possibility of renting a room or a flat on your own.

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Short-term housing

dame vinterstøvler sorel udsalg If your long-term housing is not available when you arrive in Aarhus, there are several options for short-term stays. Please note, however, that these are rather expensive compared to the monthly rent of a student dormitory room.

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Do you need any help?

opskrift på melboller If you have any questions you can write us at how to watch care bears & cousins

Be part of the Business Academy Aarhus community

sydbank horsens kontakt Get help, ask questions, and meet students from all of our different programmes.

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Get more information on expected living costs, currency and taxes

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