3d afstøbning af hånd baby Our Mentor programme

There are many good reasons why you should want a mentor.

steen langeberg højde When you prepare for a job and a career, it is very useful to know someone who will listen, ask questions, inspire you and share their experience and knowledge. You may wonder how to get the best possible internship or how to get your first job after your graduation, or you might want to know how to get your career started. Perhaps you have plans to start your own business but lack inspiration and knowledge about how to do it. Or perhaps you have other issues you would just like to discuss with someone.

laborant uddannelse odense In these situations, the mentor programme at Business Academy Aarhus is a good solution. A mentor is an objective third party who can help you with advice and feedback.

mellem store hunde How you benefit:

  • One-on-one discussions about what is on your mind right now
  • Professional and personal development
  • Greater understanding of yourself
  • Inspiration and sparring about career planning
  • An improved and well thought-through foundation for making decisions
  • Networks and new contacts

brace for impact Practical information

sara fra klassen The mentoring programme normally lasts 6–12 months. We recommend that the mentor and the mentee meet four to six times during that period. Each meeting lasts for about an hour.

the antonelli orchestra The programme begins with a compulsory kick-off meeting in Aarhus in which both mentors and mentees attend.

embassy of afghanistan in oslo How to get a mentor

spil kabale gratis You enrol in the mentoring programme by completing a profile form. The profile form is then used to match a mentor with a mentee.

lovpligtige reflekser på cykel Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all students who sign up for the programme will be given a mentor, but we will, of course, do our best.

afkoble en vaskemaskine If you have questions or comments, please phone Mads Mahler on tel. distortion 2017 hvor or write to jamie lover sange.

Mentors ensure that the path from studying to career is shorter for foreign students

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Mentor Programme off to a good start

katherine mcnamara boyfriend 45 new mentors met each other for the first time at our kick-off event on Thursday, 19 February. (...)

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