tilslutning af vaskemaskine under vask Sales Psychology and Basic Sales

For those who want insight into their own personal profile, as well as knowledge about how to best read and handle the various customer types you’ll meet.

farum beton & natursten With this subject, you’ll get an understanding of basic sales psychology, the skills to act in relation to different customer behaviour and knowledge on how to adjust your own conduct and communication to different customer types in order to achieve better sales results. You will learn about the importance of planning and will be able to use specific tools to plan and prioritise your time effectively and prevent negative stress in sales work.

nioh abyss boss list You’ll get insight into your own personal profile and knowledge about how best to read and handle the various customer types you meet. You’ll learn how to adapt your behaviour and communication for different types of profiles, and you will then have a better basis to achieve better sales results.

The subject’s content

  • Personal profile
  • Personal behaviour and development
  • Behavioural models - consumer and BtB
  • Identification of customer motivations and objectives
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication, including active listening
  • Sales and communication strategies
  • Argumentation techniques
  • Communication tools
  • Conflict management
  • Planning and time
  • Structure and efficiency
  • Stress management.

Your benefit from this subject

forhøjelse af folkepensionsalder With this subject you will get:

  • insight into your own DiSC profile and tools to identify different customer types
  • knowledge about how you can customise your communication and sales strategy for each customer
  • basic insight into sales psychology, including body language, tone of voice and understanding of purchase motives
  • tools to prioritise your tasks
  • methods to prevent stress

Exam and ECTS credits

fransk chokolade fondant The course is finished with an oral exam, which is based on a project report. The subject is worth 10 ECTS credits.

Flexible further education

barry white bo evers With a qualifying part-time programme from Business Academy Aarhus, you have excellent flexibility. You can take a single subject, an entire programme or tailor-make your own programme that best matches your needs and desires.