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emily salomon granola You can study the following programmes at Business Academy Aarhus in this area:

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Marketing Management

håndstøvsuger best i test AP degree - 2 years

Interested in international marketing, financial, legal, cultural and organisational issues? The programme is the first part of a Bachelor’s programme.
ælling fra bamse og kylling

Financial Management and Services

operation af lyskebrok Bachelor's degree - 3½ years

This programme is ideal for you if you would like to work with complex advisory, sales and consultancy tasks within accountancy for example.
forkøbsret fast ejendom

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

vi unge konfirmation Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

Learn how to develop your own business ideas and then try them out in practice. This programme is for those who dream of starting their own company or want to work with innovation in an existing company.
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International Sales and Marketing Management

radiologisk afd glostrup Bachelor's top-up degree - 1½ years

For those of you who want to contribute with your professional knowledge of sales and marketing - also in relationship to global challenges. We focus on B2B, B2C and B2G.

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