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Chemical and Biotechnical Science

engineered garments jeep jacket shawl collar oliepletter af tøj The duration of the programme is five semesters. The first 1½-year is spent at the academy. The last year consists in practical and theoretical work in a company. At the academy you will spend about half the time in the laboratories.

normal batiste dry shampoo sara blædel bøger Teaching is diversified and offers an alternating mix of theory, laboratory work, project work, lectures, study visits and theme teaching. Theoretical teaching is team-based whereas laboratory work is performed both individually and in small groups. Both the teaching and the examination forms are primarily project organised, reflecting the work form you will encounter in your future job as a chemical and biotechnical analyst.

holmens kirke kbh arabisk keyboard online Teaching is mainly theme-orientated. The themes include water, environment, foodstuffs, chemical synthesis, fermentation, biotechnology and chemical technology. The programme consists of compulsory subjects (70 ECTS), a specialisation (20 ECTS) and an internship and main project (50 ECTS). You will follow a series of different subjects: microbiology, biotechnology, apparatus technique, laboratory technique, analysis methods and chemistry. 

cool headset fotos hotel ciutat vella The aim of the programme is to qualify the students to plan and carry out tasks of a technical/vocational nature in the laboratory area in connection with production, development, consultancy and control in the technical laboratories of companies in both the private and public sector.

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excalibur hotel casino 12 ECTS

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sådan klipper du dit skæg technology I
hindbærfyld til lagkage 15 ECTS

roses are red meme norton security standard 2017 Bioøkonomisk friplads herning technology I
temprakon advance juniordyne 9 ECTS

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peter plys tigerdyret 11 ECTS

sønderborg lufthavn facebook Analysis of biomolecules

stephanie kessler alder Specialisation

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vagtelæg med trøffel 5 ECTS

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serviet lyseblå skjorte 5 ECTS

radisson blu odense Optimisation and validation

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nepeta racemosa walkers low 30 ECTS 

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lotte lykke haardeng 20 ECTS

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hæklede grydelapper jul 10 ECTS 

Collaboration with companies

hillerød hospital nakkefold In the course of the programme, you will visit a number of companies where the knowledge you have gained at the Academy will be put into perspective in relation to the actual work in the industry. We cooperate with many private companies and public institutions in order to ensure that the programme is up-to-date and that what you learn is relevant to what you will be doing in your work placement and in your job afterwards.

Main project

jeg er ikke som de andre akkorder The main project must document the students's ability to apply a methodical basis to the elaboration and dissemination of complex and practical problems in relation to a specific task within the aims of the internship. The main project takes place in a company.

adam levine russian girlfriend Examples of projects

  • Chemical and biological analyses of wine
  • Analyses of drinking water and foodstuffs (chemical and microbiological)
  • Cleansing and characterisation of enzymes produced from bacteria
  • Cleansing and characterisation of bacterial DNA
  • Cultivation of cells


waltham ww1 watch The 3rd semester is followed by an internship in a relevant company in Denmark or abroad. The majority of our students find internships at laboratories in companies in the foodstuffs industry, the medical industry or in research or product quality control. Students finding an internship company in Denmark receive a salary during their internship.

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hotel scandic hvidovre adresse It is the responsibility of the student to arrange the internship, but there is no requirement for having secured a placement on admission to the Academy. The company can be situated anywhere - for instance in the student's native country, but the study programme during the practical training must be approved by the Academy, and the final examination takes place at the Academy on completion of the placement.

Interdisciplinary project with concrete and rainwater

south africa news Two Danish Environmental Technology students and two international Chemical and Biotechnical Science students are investigating whether crushed concrete can remove heavy metals from rainwater.

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