hvordan man dividere How to apply

Admission process for exchange students

Before you apply

lille glasfad på fod First of all, you need to contact the International Office at your home institution about going on exchange. This is to ensure that your home institution has a bilateral exchange agreement with Business Academy Aarhus. 

hvad er fire tredjedele i decimanltal If your home institution does not have an agreement with Business Academy Aarhus, your International Office can contact us at protein smoothie recipes to explore the opportunity of entering into a bilateral agreement.

billige biler slagelse Please note that if you are a non-EU citizen, you must apply for a residence and work permit for students before you arrive in Denmark. This can take a couple of months!

Application and deadlines

designer zoo copenhagen If you are selected by your home institution to study at Business Academy Aarhus, please fill in the appropriate application form.

fender jazz bass For August intake (autumn semester)
Deadline is 1 May

farve hår frugtfarve compugroup medical danmark
Deadline is 1 November 


forsinket på engelsk As part of your application you are required to submit a learning agreement which lists the programmes and subjects you wish to study at Business Academy Aarhus. This learning agreement must be approved by your home institution. Please note that you are not able to mix subjects across different programmes or different semesters.

terror angrebet oslo og utøya You will also need to send an official transcript of your records from your home institution (in English and with the ECTS credits you have earned). This is essential in order to decide whether you are qualified for admission, and whether Business Academy Aarhus can offer you the appropriate courses. Please have all this information ready by the application deadlines. 

wakeup aarhus hotel Regarding English language qualifications, exchange students are required to live up to these minimum requirements and must be able to document it: 

  • IELTS: 6.0 
  • TOEFL Internet based: 80 
  • TOEFL Paper based: 550 
  • Cambridge test: CAE A, B or C 
  • Oxford Placement test: 140 (min. 70 in each part) 
  • Oxford Online Placement test: B2 (min. 70 in each part) 

Housing for exchange students

berlinde de bruckere venice 2013 If you wish our assistance in finding a place to stay in Aarhus, you must indicate this when you apply. We only have a limited number of rooms at our disposal and we might not be able to offer you accomodation.   

folkekirkens hus cafeen advokat kjeld nicolaisen

Letter of admission

small tattoo quotes The processing of your application will take a few weeks, and if it is successful, you will receive an official “Letter of Admission” by e-mail from the International Office at Business Academy Aarhus.

albion legend k2 We are a popular destination and are regrettably often unable to accept all students that apply. Each student will be contacted directly if they are not accepted.

“Studying in Aarhus has been one of the best times of my life”

burger king oreo milkshake Marco from Holland
meghan markle mother