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Housing for exchange students

gratis nye film Exchange students will normally be offered housing for the period of 1 July – 1 January (for the autumn semester) or 1 January – 1 July (for the spring semester).

la boheme restaurant Therefore, you need to pay rent for this six-month period even though you might only study for five months, otherwise it is not possible for us to secure housing for exchange students.

cell phone plans The start date of the lease may differ among the different exchange students, this is due to the fact that before we can offer you a room, the current exchange student living in that room must have left.

daisy dream kiss Furthermore, it is very important that you respect the deadlines for terminating your lease when your stay in Aarhus is coming to an end. You will need to move out of your room 7 working days before termination so that the room can be prepared for the next student (you will still need to pay for this week though).

hvordan virker instagram Information about terminating your lease will be sent directly to you by e-mail from our International Office before the lease is up.