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Practical information about housing provided by Business Academy Aarhus

engageret på engelsk Business Academy Aarhus does not own any student accommodation.

erland kolding nielsen However, to be able to offer accommodation to international students, Business Academy Aarhus has access to approx. 30 rooms in dormitories [kollegier] in various parts of Aarhus. Many Danish and international students from various educational institutions throughout Aarhus live in dormitories.

irritation i munden As an exchange student at Business Academy Aarhus, you will be able to apply for one of these rooms on a first come, first serve basis. If you choose not to apply for housing through Business Academy Aarhus, it will be your own responsibility to find a place to live. As finding housing is quite difficult in Aarhus – especially from abroad – we advise you to use the opportunity given by the Business Academy.

About Aarhus

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