analyse af pigen med svovlstikkerne Practical information


dianna agron wiki Accommodation is possible on the campus. 


escape room copenhagen In order to participate in a summer school, you must have an insurance covering health and repatriation (travel to you home country in case og emergency or illness). Health insurance is not covered by the Blue or the Yellow card.

Allergies/medical conditions

nightmares every night The Academy cannot guarantee that your allergies (food or otherwise) or any existing medical conditions can be accomodated. It is your responsibility to research your destination.

Financial issues 

zoo dagens program The tuition fee for the course is financed by Business Academy Aarhus. You must pay all other expenses in connection with your stay in Tanzania.

Budget (2018 estimates)

et kæmpe glas vin Flight from Der Es Salam 

fritz og poul 5,500 DKK

nye biler priser Accommodation 

bamses fødselsdag tekst from 500 DKK

ab in den urlaub deals Course related trips and transportation

julia de lucia 500 DKK

robert juul glæsel Living expenses (including Visa fee and food)

indmeldelse i dansk tandplejerforening 2,500 DKK

købmænd i middelalderen In total (approx.)

billy reoler ikea 9,000 DKK

verden grimmeste kvinde If you are offered a place on this summer school, a non-refundable prepayment (ca. 1,800 DKK) must be paid in approximately mid-March in order to ensure your registration. This amount pays for your accommodation, some local transportation as well as some meals during the summer school.

smadret iphone billede oversigten i tv When you go abroad, you have to consider about the following: 

Did you know?

  • The University of Dar es Salaam Business School has around 19,000 students
  • In Tanzania they speak more than 120 languages
  • Africa’s largest mountain Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania