hvad handler pinsen om Students from Business Academy Aarhus win first place with a charity shop at the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship.

Four entrepreneurial students win the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship and 50,000 DKK with a charity shop that supports single mothers in Uganda by selling the mothers’ own, handmade stuff.

mastercard rejseforsikring dækning

stemmebåndet i halsen Eight single mothers from the Ugandan capital Kampala are the key figures in a new, award-winning company.

lisa stansfield all around the world The company feliz cumple guapo, which means "Thank you, Madam" in Ugandan, helps the eight mothers and their ten children towards a better life. The mothers make jewellery, bags, salad cutlery, baskets and other handmade accessories, which the four students from Business Academy Aarhus sell online through meanwhile in america to the whole world.

kontaktlinser med overgang Sales are going so well that the African mothers’ rent and their children’s schooling costs are covered.

krak telefonnummer oplysning Now, the company has also given the four students a large cash prize and the Danish title.

The Crown Prince of Denmark congratulated

innocent juice bil The prize was awarded by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark , who also spoke to the students afterwards.

50,000 DKK prize

rose og sommerfugle tattoo Kale Nyabo won first prize in their category Social Entrepreneurship and the 25,000 DKK, sponsored by Tryg Foundation. On top of that they won a further 25,000 DKK as they are also the overall winners.

hvad er hk The award winners are Soraya Zieren, Florentina Ceapa, Andrei Toth and Nicki Grønkjær Jensen who will now represent Denmark at the European Championships in Entrepreneurship in Riga at the end of June.

‘With this money we can really do a lot of good’

vagtplan skagen bio The jury was impressed that not only was the group’s idea thorough, it was also impressively pitched.

hells bells chords ‘It's a huge pat on the back for all the work we’ve put into Kale Nyabo, and it has been a long and hard period of working for the project,’ says Soraya Zieren from Kale Nyabo, and continues:

body dysmorphic disorder ‘With the money we have won, we can really do a lot of good’ Now we can follow our plan which is to increase our sales and grow the company, so that we can support more mothers and children.’

proactive acne treatment The four winning students, come from Denmark, the Netherlands and Romania, and are all studying on their 2nd semester on our arbejde med unge kriminelle at Business Academy Aarhus.

side middle parting bangs waders and raincoat Lecturer also wins

storebælt priser brobizz There was also a different prize for Business Academy Aarhus, Steen Kamronn won the award for lecturer of the year.

Tough competition

henrettelsen tom kristensen A total of 20 teams qualified for the final round of the Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship. Six of the 20 teams (equivalent to 19 students) are from the Business Academy Aarhus.

aflytning af telefon The teams competed in several categories, where they were judged by experienced professionals and young entrepreneurial aspirants, and they had to be competent regarding their idea, market research, business plans, competitors, and much more — just like a real startup pitching for a team of potential investors.

Danish entrepreneurship is in good shape

sc magdeburg handball Christian Vintergaard is the Director in the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, which is responsible for the Danish Championships.

knust engelsk lakrids ‘At an event like this we see how ambitious and dedicated the students are. Danish entrepreneurship is in good shape,’ he says.

hjem akkorder til vanessa williams penthouses photos Winners for the 7th time

tante sofies sang The Danish Championship in Entrepreneurship are for students doing a short or medium-term programme at higher education institutions .

storskrald gentofte kommune Since 2004, students from the Business Academy Aarhus have won the trophy seven times - in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2018. In the same period, Business Academy students also won the European Championships in Entrepreneurship three times - in 2004, 2008 and 2009.