world of tanks mods Requirements for the internship company

brian family guy In order to ensure the company and the student have a good internship period; we have a number of requirements for our internship companies.

Resource capacity

seventeen vernon autograph An internship company must have sufficient resource capacity to offer the intern. We have experienced that a one-man company, in which the student accounts for the owner’s entire production capacity, does not fit the internship concept, just as it is not optimal that a company bases its operation solely on interns each semester.

Number of employees

lego klodser gennem rene As a general rule, an internship company can only have 1 intern per 5 employees and the number of interns should not make up more than half of the employees.*

Tasks for an internship

læge frank johannesen Please note that a student at an undergraduate level must be able to solve tasks on a more advanced level than a student studying at the Academy Profession level.

hans peter feddersen However, when the quality of a specific internship is assessed, the following aspects will be taken into consideration as well:

  • Is there an academic adviser committed to the individual intern?
  • Are the work assignments specific and varying?
  • Do the tasks have a professional relevance and do they provide the student with a good foundation for learning during the internship period?

Do you have any questions?

webcam overlay light blue png If you have questions about a specific internship agreement, you are always welcome to contact camille saroyan and arastoo

kylling i stegeso opskrifter mad ---

spar nord kviklån * This is an exception in a start-up where a company with a few employees may have a sufficient number of development projects or ongoing innovation processes for the learning objectives of an intern to be fulfilled.