dressing til kold kartoffelsalat Get a student from International Sales and Marketing Management as an intern

New ideas | New angles | New knowledge

hvem spiller puk Accepting a student from the International Sales and Marketing Management programme as an intern is an excellent opportunity for you and your company to team up with a student who can carry out complex tasks within sales, marketing, purchasing and supply chain. 

milah once upon a time By agreeing to collaborate on an internship you can get: 

  • Additional resources dedicated to sales and marketing
  • New ideas, new perspectives, new insights
  • The opportunity to test a potential future employee in real life
  • The opportunity to provide a student with valuable hands-on experience.

linked elena momondo The students produce their final bachelor project for the company in continuation of the internship. The student’s project is a good opportunity for the company to, for example, go into detail with a specific issue, carry out an analysis or add resources to a project that you are in the process of developing.

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