ranae shrider and verne troyer Get a student of Environmental Technologist as an intern

New ideas | New angles | New knowledge

nicklas pedersen fodbold Accepting an intern from the Environmental Technologist programme is an excellent opportunity for you and your company to team up with a student who can carry out complex tasks within the environmental area.

brudepige kjole blå By agreeing to collaborate on an internship you can get:

  • more resources to solve environmental issues both within the private and public sector
  • the possibility to test a future employee
  • the possibility to give an intern valuable experience from the practical field

konstruktion med beton Most students in internship produce their final examination project at the internship place in continuation of their internship. Student projects are a good opportunity for the internship host to, for example, look in detail at a specific environmental issue from a practical point of view, carry out an analysis or add resources to a project in the development process.

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